Table Talk Ministries

About us

The work of Table Talk began due to the need of a woman in Greencastle Indiana living in a home that had a leaking roof to the extent that the leaking water had rotted out the floor beneath. She had prayed for 3 years for someone to help her. When we met her we immediately went and restored her home to it's original condition and we have never looked back since.


Over the years Table Talk has grown to have clients in 12 states, worked on more than 300 homes and open offices in two states.  










Our Vision

We strive to help as many people as we can.


Our vision is one that everyone is able to live in a safe, warm, dry home.


Restoring homes helps neighborhoods regain their vitality and on the personal level it helps our clients regain their hope in humanity and restores their dignity.



Table Talk Ministries
Table Talk Ministries